The Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Laboratory (NAMLgroup, is a research unit within the Electrical and Computer Engineering department of the University of the Peloponnese, working on the area of Third Generation Photovoltaics namely: Perovskite, Dye sensitized and Quantum dot sensitized solar cells with competitive efficiencies and stability made with solution processable techniques in ambient environmental conditions. NAML is renowned for its achievements on the performance evaluation of photovoltaic modules and systems in real conditions besides accelerating aging tests. The group has experience on formulating and adjusting the optoelectronic properties of solution processable organic and inorganic semiconductor materials.

NAML is active to the hereafter topics:

Third Generation Photovoltaic systems (3GPV)

Luminescent solar concentrators (LSC)

Electrochromic Cells (EC)

Photocatalytic materials for environmental protection.